Allen Stalvey Endorsements

Director of Operations
(March 2009 – November 2012)

Allen is someone I would trust without reservation. I've always been impressed with his devotion to integrity, his passion for quality, and his thoughtful concern for others.
Dave Whittle, Founder & CEO of


Allen is a critical leader on CoolHotNot's core team. He is a consummate professional and his dedication and attention to detail is incredible. He has vision of both the 'big picture' and a detailed grasp on the day-to-day activities that keeps our small startup company on the right track. His enthusiasm and versatility are amazing. He will do anything necessary to make the company a success, and we are all thrilled and honored to work with him.
Theo Mandel, Director of Site Design and Usability,


I am truly impressed with Allen's attention to detail, enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. During our three years at, he consistently comes through for us. His focus on the macro and minutia is unparalleled. I heartily endorse him for any management position. Allen is reliable, dedicated and eternally energized. You can count on him to be honest and willing to tackle prickly issues when needed.
Jeff Kahn, Branding & Graphic Designer,


Allen proved to be an extremely capable and competent manager. I always appreciated Allen's attention to detail and ability to see the clear path forward even when confronted with a variety of issues and potential problems. Allen quickly earned my trust and is someone whom I look up to—and his management style inspired me and brought out my best effort.
Aaron Fergusson, Analytics & Visitor Relations,


Global Program Manager, IBM Smart Market
IBM Marketing & Communications
(June 2008 – February 2009)

Allen is the consummate business professional with an extensive business and technical background and a unique yet diverse skill set." 
Leslie Reiser, Program Director, WW Global Business Digital Marketing, IBM


Allen is a strong, take charge leader who consistently delivers above expectations. His thoroughness, ability to quickly prioritize and articulate direction were key to the Smart Business project. He is completely customer focused, in control, and works with a sense of urgency. Allen is a consummate professional that I highly recommend.
Bill Reed, Senior Marketing Manager, IBM

Allen has been strikingly effective at corralling a large and diverse team to focus on an extraordinary number of critical details in a very complex project. What's been most impressive, though, is the authentic compassion he extended to every member of the project team, even through the toughest times in the trenches.
Doug Bell, Lead Creative, DIGITAS (Advertising Agency)


Allen was a very dedicated partner and great strategic thinker—he helped a cross-function team at IBM as well as its vendors work through establishing clear processes and goals in very challenging projects. He always kept an eye out for producing strategically sound work, and he is also the kind of guy who will 'roll up his sleeves' to get the work done.
Regina Javier, Associate Director of Marketing, DIGITAS (Advertising Agency)


Allen is an effective leader with articulate communication skills critical to bringing together diverse teams and projects. Moreover, his dedication and work ethic, perseverance to succeed and ability to find creative solutions to tough problems set him apart. Allen led the IBM Marketing Program team responsible for the launch of a significant new product and developed creative solutions to ensure long-term success. He has mastery of the key analysis, collaboration and technological tools coupled with dynamic business and people expertise to succeed in today’s global environment. Allen would be an asset to any organization looking for a versatile and proven professional who can move a company forward.
Vickie Hessenius, Worldwide Small and Medium Business Portfolio Manager—Software Group, IBM


Global Program Manager, Business Partner Process Transformation
IBM CIO (April 2006 – May 2008)

I had the pleasure of working with Allen from 2006-2008 as a business transformation lead on a World Wide project enabling IBM to more effectively manage Business Partner sales information deemed critical to managing the channel and driving revenue growth. Allen's leadership style promoted very effective teaming and open communications. Allen instilled a spirit of teamwork, responsibility and accountability. He was very hands on when required and helped us ensure delivery of complex business transformation solutions on time and within budget. Allen is a rare manager who stays focused on his people assets and business results.
Craig Rogers, Executive Consultant, Business Transformation, IBM


I worked directly with Allen as a member of a team involved with business process transformation projects aimed at improving the IT infrastructure and processes supporting IBM business partners. I found Allen to have excellent interpersonal, communications and project management skills. Under his leadership he was able to drive an extended cross-functional team to achieve all critical objectives toward improving the ease of doing business with IBM for our business partners. He was a great colleague to work with and he earned the respect and trust of his team and peers. He would make an excellent addition to any project team.
Dick Stern, Program Director, IBM


Allen is the consummate manager...bright as they come, always achieved desired results regardless of how big the challenge was, and he brought out the best in his people. I feel extremely fortunate to have worked for Allen.
Adela Garcia, Business Design Consultant, IBM

Project Executive / Global Program Manager, Technical Support Transformation
IBM Technical Support (June 2005 – April 2006)

Allen was an absolute pleasure to work with in creating and launching the Technical Support Vitality Network at IBM. He is extremely effective and efficient, both in his own work and through gathering followers to assist his efforts. Allen's charisma, integrity, and pace-setting leadership consistently inspire others to join his cause! His high-touch relationship building mixed with relentless dedication is an extremely powerful combination. I personally learned a lot from Allen and would jump at the chance to work with or for him again.
Mike Repede, Advisory Chip Design Engineer, IBM

Allen is a fantastic leader who people immediately respect and gladly follow due to the passion, dedication, and strategic thinking he brings to the projects where he is involved. In addition to his excellent leadership skills, Allen is extremely innovative and has an incredible combination of business and technical knowledge.
Tim Mossing, Systems Architect, IBM

Program Director, IBM Academy of Technology
IBM Corporate Technology (November 2002 – May 2005)

Allen worked for me for about a year leading IBM's Academy of Technology Program office. He had a huge impact on the operation of the Academy, which is comprised of 300+ of IBM's worldwide, top technical experts. He improved the workflow and efficiency of the Academy programs, enabling the Academy to significantly increase the number of technical reports and conferences. He implemented a process which was transparent to the user community, while improving their end-results and reducing their time commitments. Allen was also a very conscientious people manager, giving frequent feedback and positive encouragement to his employees. He was the key driver behind implementing a new IBM 'intern' program—which is still ongoing 5 years later! It is a rotational assignment program for 'young in the business' employees who are considered our 'future top-talent' so they can get a taste of the 'business-side of the business' in Corporate Technology for 3-6 months. With Allen's passion, organizational skills, and people skills, he would be a terrific addition to any organization!!
Sharon Nunes, Vice President, Strategic Growth Initiatives, IBM


I worked with Allen as part of my rotational assignment in the US. Allen is one of the best managers/colleagues I have ever come across. I have been impressed with his contribution, commitment and dedication to his work. He has an approach and attitude that means he is a credit to the company and a very good example to employees that work close to him. It is a pleasure to have worked with such a great professional.
Aris Minetos, Senior Accredited IT Specialist, IBM


“Allen is a great leader who is truly gifted at building organizations. Through his hard work and dedication, he dramatically expanded both the scope and the impact of the IBM Academy of Technology. Allen's tremendous customer focus drove him to completely redesign internal processes allowing teams to focus on delivering results rather than status updates. Allen also has a passion for people development. He works tirelessly to empower and develop those around him. He challenges his employees to grow, providing invaluable feedback and support.
Clark O'Niell, Engineer, IBM

Manager, Global Web Architecture & Process Transformation
IBM CIO (March 1998 – October 2002)

Allen is a very dynamic leader. He brought tremendous energy and passion to every project he worked on. This passion inspired his teams and his peers and raised the bar for everyone who worked with him. In addition to his high energy, Allen brings significant innovation to all his work. He focuses this innovation on constant process and tools improvements to enable his team to be more effective. In his role with me, he made significant process improvements with how we managed standards and application deployment. This helped our clients significantly. I always depended on Allen to drive continuous innovation to all of his work and he consistently delivered! I would welcome the chance to work with Allen again any time.
Bret Greenstein, Vice President of Asset Delivery, IBM

I highly endorse Allen as a knowledgeable, energetic, trustworthy, and personable individual. Allen has the rare skill of making the most complex things seem simple. Allen is highly respected in the IBM technical community. It is my privilege to provide this endorsement for him!
Joan Gentilesco-Giue, HR Manager, IBM