Allen Stalvey

In 2018 I founded Success Mastery Strategies to aid leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other individuals in breaking through the barriers that are holding them back from achieving even greater personal and business success.


Key to that initiative is an online, video-based, self-paced Success Empowerment Program that helps propel individuals to higher levels of achievement and success. 


As VP of Operations at Corganics, I am responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate policies, processes, procedures, and tools (reducing costs and improving operating efficiency); the fine-tuning go-to-market and customer retention strategies (increasing product sales); and modifying marketing communications, pricing and promotions strategies (increasing market penetration).


As the Director of Operations at CoolHotNot, I aided in the creation of the corporate business plan, marketing plan, release plan, vendor engagement strategy, launch strategy, and revenue generation model for an internet start-up that aids consumers in making intelligent consumer-electronics choices. I also provided focused operational leadership that led to the successful, on-time launch of at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as announced in this press release, then demonstrated CoolHotNot’s unique value proposition at CES 2012 while fostering new business relationships.


While serving in senior leadership positions at IBM I led multi-million dollar global initiatives that focused on business process transformation, product management, software development, and technical support.  

I enjoy working in environments where sound leadership is required to establish solid business practices that improve organizational efficiency, effectiveness and impact while restoring or enhancing employee morale and productivity. 

I believe in the power of a clear and inspiring vision, the benefit of a flexible social style, the importance of honest and open communication, and the value of establishing solid partnerships which lead to mutual success.


As a participative manager / leader, I rapidly develop and maintain an organizational climate which fosters high productivity, achievement, and quality output.  I do so by maximizing employee / team member involvement and commitment, building skills and competencies, balancing workloads, and promoting high standards and levels of performance in an atmosphere where teamwork and high job satisfaction prevail.

I have extensive experience managing, hiring, training, developing, and coaching staff – as well as leading organizations tackling difficult problems in environments where common sense, creative solutions to complex issues, process improvement, and the ongoing monitoring of key metrics are essential to success.